Part Gameshow.
Part Action RPG.
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"[Upsilon Circuit is]... willing to mess with everyone's notions of what it means to be a gamer and a game."
"'s kind of like a multiplayer fantasy RPG meets Twitch Plays Pokemon ... Mixed smartly, those flavors go together surprisingly well."
"It's a really interesting concept; kind of an ephemeral game, so to speak."
Part gameshow, part action RPG, Upsilon Circuit is an exclusive single server online 8 player game.

When someone dies in Upsilon Circuit, they can never play again.

When you are chosen to play, the world watches, and everyone has a hand in your journey, both friend and foe.
Upsilon Circuit is two games intertwined.
The Contestants adventure, while the Audience intervenes.
Each Contestant explores the overworld and generated dungeons in search of the Dream Tech Crystals. They fight monsters, avoid traps, and compete with the opposing team.

When the Contestant fights monsters or gets treasure, the EXP and other rewards go to the Audience. EXP is used collectively by the Audience to level up the Contestant's Skill Tree. Simply put, the Audience is part dungeon master, part strategist, and part judge & jury.

Upsilon Circuit is currently in early development.
And here's your host... Raygon!